A Complete Solution for Outdoor Lighting Management & Control, Real-Time Monitoring and Accurate Energy Reporting

FINoT Lighting smartens up a road’s or a park’s lighting system, enabling the independent handling of each lamp with the start/stop operation option, the variation of the lighting level, the consumption metering, as well as the monitoring of their operation mode. This solution allows the implementation of usage scenarios, the management of the lighting conditions depending on the weather/temperature, movement of people/vehicles or on a combination of more parameters through a flexible and user-friendly cloud-based interface (FINoT cloud), always available and accessible through PC, tablet, and other devices. The projects implemented using the FINoT Lighting application, combined with LED lamps, raise the power saving rates up to 82% (up to 70% due to lamps and an additional 12% due to the management), and enable real-time control and monitoring, as well as easy maintenance and support of the infrastructure.

Main Advantages of the “Smart” Lighting Solution:

  • Cross city applications data sharing
  • Custom and on demand Statistics
  • Control per lamp and dynamic sector allocation
  • Power-saving
  • Better Infrastructure Management
  • Power-metering
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Increased reliability and safety

Why you should choose FINoT Lighting ?

  • To provide an energy efficient and cost-effective solution
  • To provide infrastructure for an expandable Smart City/Road infrastructure
  • Expandability for : waste management, parking assistance, traffic control and management, refueling of electric vehicles, garbage collection etc

The overall solution has been designed in a way that can be developed with the least configuration of settings in the environment of a “smart” city, as well as in monitoring environmental conditions, facility control, resource management, safety, energy consumption monitoring and other projects.

FINoT Lighting basic functionalities

  • LED and/or HID lamp control
  • Lamp management, overall or per unit
  • Dimming in any percentage (1%-99%, incremented by 1%)
  • Manual user interference and dynamic control of onelamp or a section of lamps
  • Registration of operation profile
  • Event reporting
  • Time sync on each Controller
  • Embedded consumption metering mechanisms. The controller incorporates a meter (with measurement accuracy of 1%), so that the electrical parameters of each lamp (voltage, current, power factor, consumed power and hours of operation) are being monitored
  • In case the wireless communication is off, each lamp operates according to the incorporated profile assigned to it, without stopping its operation
  • Map visualization of each lamp, based on its unique features and the installation location
  • Configuration focused on the protection of the lamps from overheat (ambient temperature and brightness levels)
  • Report composing and sending by user-chosen means, depending on criticality

FINoT Lighting is a unique combination of technologies that provide an intuitive operation through the web. Future Intelligence favors open systems, as the best way to protect your investment, passing entirely to you the decision about the components of your specific implementation, even with wide-accepted technologies of the industry, with different sensors and management systems ( OPEN API ). This open approach is reflected on each layer of the system, from the street to the user.

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