The cornerstone of Future Intelligence’s applications on Smart Farming is the FINoT Objects and FINoT Platform product line: the only IoT equipment exclusively designed and manufactured in Greece.

The appropriate sensor controllers along the Wireless Network components (nodes edges and collectors) create an IoT infrastructure that acquires, processes and buffers microclimate conditions to a cloud platform and then via a Web Interface to end-users.
As soon as the field’s data efficiently reach the Web then a whole new world of end-to-end applications and services is opened to our partners. Special attention must be paid to added-value creation for every business entity in the respective chain as well as the appropriate balance between transparency, privacy and safety for the users.

Future Intelligence's approach is officially included in European Commission’s recommendations reports for best practices in IoT smart farming (AIOTI WG6). More precisely, this relates to both technologies and standards and services and business models to be in place within the under development community.

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What is the core idea of QUHOMA – QUalitative HOrticulture MArketplace by FINT?

The core idea is exploiting Greece’s and Europe’s excellent potential for qualitative farming products. Due to the continent’s landscape and historical context, agriculture mainly targets small-scale, family-run businesses that do not have the potential to compete on price differentiation, worldwide. However, especially for the Greek case and sun, FINT aims to efficiently contribute to local agrifood outstanding quality through the support of cutting-edge technology and strengthen products’ market positioning in the worldwide premium category. Apart from the technology-oriented innovations, the business context is profoundly innovative. Stakeholders with common interests (farmers, agronomists, quality Certification Bodies) are now sitting around the same table (QUHOMA) and through the usage of technology equipment they can now reduce, share and optimize their costs and resources (business-wise synergies) through win-win models.

What challenges have inspired the idea for QUHOMA – QUalitative HOrticulture MArketplace?

There are many areas that provoke scepticism in the agriculture domain as expressed below. High unemployment and unexploited lands: Can technology make farming seem luring for youngsters?

Technology for the masses: Can we build helpful technology for people currently under-served and will the digital divide ever diminish? Let us actively cater for our children’s health: Can we make qualitative agri-products cheaper and more conveniently consumed comparing to the GMOs that now seem unbeatable?

Technology does more with less. Is there a way to build an intelligent, value-added, production-oriented economy rather that a purely service-based one?

It is hard to persuade farmers buy and install such equipment (costs, complexity, lack of tangible bene-fits) at his premises. Because of that, the respective value chain loses its traceability potential. What is the limit of knowledge sharing agriculture economy? Does it stop at the farm or does it continue to the supply chain, retail and finally up until the family table?
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