Innovating the security in SMEs with a small gateway

About the CYsecBox

CYsecBox is a product of Future Intelligence Ltd and it is based on European funded project FORTIKA outcome (namely FORTIKA GW).

CYsecBox targets mainly SMEs in-premise security. CYsecBox is a low-cost and low-power solution providing a resource capable hosting environment for the acceleration of:

1. build-in and

2. third party

deployed security services and features enhancing cyber security of SMEs network, its connected devices and services.

• CYsecBox device

• CYsecBox software appliance

providing dedicated connectivity interfaces and orchestration modules, designed to adapt and fulfil specific users’ needs.


  • Acceleration of sophisticated cyber security algorithms and applications
  • Middleware enabling seamless deployment and operational management of security services
  • Real time, dynamic and seamless exchange of accelerated algorithms
  • System notification engine
  • Standard GW functionalities (e.g. Routing, Firewall, NAT)
  • Open APIs for integration with third party systems
  • Dashboard for configuration, monitoring, and management
  • SW appliance installation on 3rd party devices


  • 300-200% acceleration of security applications
  • Parallel Operation of 3rd party security services
  • Real Time security service adaptation
  • Easy Integration to existing Infrastructure

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