Future Intelligence has developed a communication bubble, called FICoM platform, which can extend network connectivity in wide areas and link multiple points through robust high bandwidth network connectivity. The same platform can be used to incorporate various vendors’ unmanned vehicles (ground, water and/or aerial) delivering real-time information coming from the on-board sensors and cameras to the operation’s coordination centre (ground control station).

Ultimately, FICoM platform enables:

  • Easy installation and rapid deployment of the communication infrastructure
  • 3G/4G
  • Scalability by the use of repeaters and relays
  • Auto configuration
  • Able to transmit voice, video and data flows
  • Interoperability with other networks and systems (e.g. LTE, 3G, WiFi, satellite based communications)
  • Povision of different levels of data prioritization (QoS) and end-to-end security
  • Provision of a scalable network management system (NMS)

FICoM communication infrastructure provides:

  • 100% communication availability
  • Highly secure communication channel
  • Independency from the currently installed fixed infrastructure
  • Dynamic Bandwidth allocation for different services
  • Support for fast and reliable video/data/voice transmission
  • Adaptability for multiple data streams with efficient QoS
  • Support for fixed and mobile stations
  • Support of any other communication need may foresee across the network (including FINoT Platform interoperability)
  • Perfect solution for unmanned vehicle interconnection, network propagation along big infrastructures like pipelines, long range point to multi-point interconnection

FICoM is based on IEEE802.16e-2005 which is an amendment to IEEE802.16-2004 and is often referred to in shortened form as IEEE802.16e. It introduces support for mobility of users for speeds up to 120 km/h with full handover support between base stations. The transmission characteristics and handover times are within the required limits in order to support real time applications such as VoIP and video streaming. The support of the afore mentioned applications is a real challenge for all wireless technologies especially in meeting the high requirements and the quality of service that is necessary for delivering the above services. FICoM specifications improve upon many of the limitations of the Wi-Fi standard by providing increased bandwidth and stronger encryption. It also aims to provide connectivity between network endpoints without direct line of sight in some circumstances.

A communication infrastructure using FICoM is designed specifically to solve the unique problem of the wireless metropolitan area network (MAN) environment and to deliver broadband access services to a wide range of subscribers who are scattered in a wide area. It can also be applicable to rural areas in order to support long range communication without the need of wired infrastructure. The Media Access Control (MAC) protocol is designed for point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access applications, providing a very efficient use of the wireless spectrum and supporting difficult user environments. The access and bandwidth allocation mechanisms accommodate hundreds of subscriber units per channel, with subscriber units that may support different quality levels.

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