Future Intelligence has built an integrated platform for remote management via Cloud platform. Through an easy graphical interface, FINoT Cloud provides all needed tools for the management and supervision of infrastructure devices as well as editing and use of data received from them in real time operation. The remote management is implemented through a number of commands which can control all or a subset or individual installed controllers.


  • Remote monitoring parameters (voltage, current, power factor, energy consumption, operating hours, hypotension, hypertension, possible failures, operating mode)
  • Interactive map
  • Function Overview
  • Provides the ability to store 16 different operation illumination profiles
  • User-selectable power profiles allow full customization while pre-programmed profiles including dusk/dawn calculation may be used for simple and power-efficient control
  • Flashing command (for indication of danger or alert)
  • Enables remote control of individual luminaires while also allows their grouping into sectors in order to control them in parallel
  • Allow user access based on roles (tiered accessibility)
  • It is possible to export customized reports as also alarms and other information to specified subscribers (e.g. through sms). Also provides data visualization in form of tables and graphs as also access to historical data

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