A complete solution for efficient promotion and effective commercialization of organic and sustainable farming.

Smart Agriculture

Future Intelligence has developed FINoT Platform as an end-to-end solution that provides a smart, eco-friendly way of supporting agricultural activities. It is compatible with most of the available off-the-self agriculture related sensors and actuators and transforms the field/greenhouse into a manageable asset.This solution supports an infrastructure that can be part of a transparent value chain of production, storage, trade and consumption within the "farm-to-fork" concept.

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B2B Marketplace for Quality Farming

Future Intelligence builds a marketplace for efficient cultivation and effective commercialization of superior, qualitative agrifood products. Data lies right at the centre of an ecosystem of services (data acquired from the field through FINoT devices): we classify them accordingly; algorithmically manipulate and diffuse them to the right players (farmers, agronomists and certifiers). Therefore, a great competitive advantage is given to the respective business entities by data-value extraction and stakeholders’ intelligence augmentation.

More information about agriculture applications