A complete solution for cities

FINoT Platform; a platform dedicated to cities

Future Intelligence has designed FINoT Platform as a vehicle to support a number of smart city applications. The platform is designed in order to merge the conventional M2M world with the emerging IoT world using a standards-based approach with strong focus on industrial and semi-industrial applications. Through our platform, we are able to connect almost any kind of sensor and/or actuator in a plug-and-play manner and start using it immediately. Company's goal is to provide an ecosystem that can integrate all Smart City applications in one platform (lighting, waste management, information boards, proximity & parking sensors, irrigation systems etc).

A real integrated platform enabling the cities to manage and exploit their services. By deploying FINoT Platform in a city environment, apart from the supported applications the city can:

  • share its data with the citizens and other cities
  • share and analyse its data with other city services
  • user different harware and software providers for their applications/services avoiding vendor lock-in
  • has open API in order to integrate new applications or make the current ones interacting with other platforms
  • The city can introduce new business models for data exploitation improving citizens life

FINoT Platform for cities is driven from cities needs. The cities need to be Thoughtful!!!

Advanced Street Lighting Management Platform

Street lighting is without doubt one of the major sources of energy consumption in the public sector. As street luminaries have an estimated lifetime of up to 30 years, the “smart” management of these assets can become very beneficial to the citizen as also to the state. Future Intelligence is considering using city lighting poles as vehicle to create networks to digitize and run additional services and provide them to the citizens (waste management, parking, pollution detection, event tracking cameras, etc). So apart from controlling luminaries (dimming, switching on/off, activation at specific events) and crashing energy consumption costs, we are looking at a broader picture considering the light poles as a communication network enabler.

More information about smart city applications.

Cost-effective surveillance platform

Intelligent surveillance systems with low acquisition cost becomes favorite solution for safety and security as also event tracking in city environments. Security breaches, event monitoring and smart parking are only some of the applications that can be unified and scaled under a single platform.