A solution for dynamic and on-demand complex tasking resources allocation

Future Intelligence has developed PCP platform providing a solution for customers who want to accelerate their for application, minimize their power consumption and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership by easily integrate programmable logic devices into their cloud infrastructure. Programmable logic devices, such as FPGAs, can enable impressive performance benefits but they are notoriously difficult to develop applications for and are incompatible with the existing cloud infrastructure. Our platform leverages FPGA SoCs to enable customers to seamlessly integrate the FPGA with existing solutions and reap the benefits that it can yield.

That broad description can entail anybody from major data center operators to customers active in more specialized domains like financial, insurance, biometric analysis, weather predictions. Especially in financial domain it can gain significant time and resources in applications like risk analysis, monte carlo pattern analysis and HFT. The common denominator throughout all of these disparate areas is that they require the rapid and cost effective processing of massive heterogeneous data sets.

Applicable sectors:

  • Banking sector
  • Aerospace
  • Telecom operators
  • Media

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