A solution for effective long range connectivity of utilities, infrastructures and emergency operations

Advanced Long Range Communication

Future Intelligence has developed a communication solution, called FICoM platform, for realising a quickly deployable, high bandwidth, relay-capable and network-independent solution. A portfolio of services is provided for tailor-made requirements with appliance to wide area surveillance applications like Search and Rescue operations and surveillance of large infrastructures. At the same time our solutions keeps overall costs down by efficiently adapting commercially off-the shelf (COTS) 4G equipment (WiMAX, LTE) to our interoperable platform, resulting to advanced on-site distributed networking capabilities.

Applications of the platform include:
  • SaR operations
  • Oil and Gas
  • Border Security
  • Emergency Conditions
  • Forest Fires
The company can provide customized solutions to industries and organisations that address their special needs. FICoM is compatible with FINoT platform allowing WAN and long distance interconnection of different IoT sensor networks.

More information about FICoM Platform products

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